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The Suspension Operation allows an agent to suspend a customer's services on a specific date. The Suspension Operation can be used for seasonal and delinquency suspension. These include internet, television and phone services. Using this operation allows you to take care of everything within gaiia like billing, account status, client communication.

Warning: the suspension Operation is only for temporary suspension. If the client wishes to stop the service, perform a service cancellation.

Once the suspension is over and the client want his service back, the Reactivation Operation must be used for the reactivation of services


How to Suspend a Customer Account 

To create a Suspension Operation, go to the client account > Operations > +Add > Suspension > Fill the information for each step > Submit.

This is the current process behind the operation:

  1. Suspension operation created. Charge is created and invoiced in the next seconds.
  2. If autopayment is OFF, the invoice remains unpaid and the operation is flagged with an issue. Services are suspended anyway.
  3. If autopayment is ON, we proceed the payment.
    • If the payment succeeds, this is the golden path, the invoice is paid and service suspended.
    • If the payment fails, the invoice remains unpaid and the operation is flagged with an issue. We will perform many retry in the next days. Services are suspended anyway. 

The agent creating the operation should check if the operation is in issue before letting the customer leave. All the steps above are done within few seconds.

Tip: It is optional to add a reactivation date in the operation modal. If added, when the suspension is completed, a Reactivation Operation will be created for the selected date.

Reschedule a suspension

To reschedule a suspension operation, the operation must still be ongoing. You need to use the Actions button > cancel operation. Then create a new Suspension Operation.

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