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Roles and Permissions allow your team to manage who has access to what. This can help you ensure security while displaying only what is needed, enhancing agent focus. Permissions are set at the "role" level. A permission allows you to access a page with either view/edit/create capability depending on your permission level.

Creating a Role

We recommend a "Set a default role" to save you time and effort in the future. This can be edited by selecting "Set a default role" when creating or editing a role. Many roles can be set as default at the same time, which will automatically give many Roles to a new user.

You can modify what a user can access by looking at the "Assigning/Unassigning a Role" section. Create a new Role by going to the menu on the left of your gaiia page, go to the ADMIN section near the bottom of the page, > Roles >  click the "+" button in the top right of your screen. From here, you can

  • Name the new role and add a descriptionScreen_Shot_2023-05-01_at_2.38.38_PM.png
  • Add appropriate permissions. Note that there is a lot of granularity in the permission to allow you to select precisely what you want to allow your team members to view/edit/create a page.Screen_Shot_2023-05-01_at_2.39.47_PM.png



Editing a Role

In the menu on the left of your gaiia page, go to the ADMIN section > Roles > Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the Role you want to edit > Edit. You can change the information and then Save.


Assigning/Unassigning a Role

Role assignations are dealt with by going to ADMIN > Users > click the ellipsis menu to the right of the user you want to edit. In the Roles section, you can add or remove Roles and then Save.

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