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Operations in gaiia accelerate agents' tasks by allowing them to complete complex operations with a few clicks and an automated follow-up. An Activation Operation allows an agent to activate a client in 4 different ways:

  1. No Technician (remote activation)
  2. With Technician (in person)
  3. Transfer within existing network (TPIA customers only) 
  4. On-site Installation

Activate a new account

The activation operation only activates the internet subscription on the selected date. Using this operation allows agents to take care of everything within gaiia like Network activation, billing, account status, client communication, etc.

To create an Activation operation, go to the client account > Operations > +Add > Activation > Select the activation type > Fill the information for each step > Submit

Manual Interventions

The action button allows users to change the status and the logic of the operation when the request doesn't go as intended. This is necessary to solve Issues. Use carefully, those actions can't be reverted.

Warning: An account should always have only 1 activation operation ongoing. If you need to deposit a new activation operation, cancel all the others before proceeding.

Warning: Cancelling an activation operation before the activation date only cancel the operation, not the account. To fully cancel the account, proceed to a service cancellation even if the account has never been activated.


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