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Operations accelerate the process of agents by allowing them to complete complex operations with a few clicks and an automated follow-up. The Shipment Operation allows sending equipment to the customer's mailing address or physical address.

To create a shipment operation, go to the client account > Operation > + Add > Shipment > Add item, select address and shipment method > Submit.

Change shipping methods

The default shipping method is set during initial implementation of gaiia. The shipping method can be changed by checking "Use alternative shipping method" and selecting from the drop-down menu. 

Tip: You can use parent-child links to accelerate agents' shipping workflow and to ensure full completion of sequential tasks. 

Redirect package

A user can change which address the shipment is being sent to (mailing or physical), which updates the address on the packing slip and used on the shipping label.

  • In the customer account, go to Contact > Edit address > Save. The customer will receive a notification informing them if there is an active shipment operation.
    • Warning: While the address can be updated here, the user still needs to follow the above “Change address” steps in order for the packing slip to get updated with the modified address (this does NOT happen automatically).
  • Go to Shipment Operation > Actions button > Change address. 
    • Tip: If it’s greyed out, it means that the shipment has been packed and the address cannot be changed.
  • Select which address you want to send the shipment to instead and click confirm.



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