Return Shipment Operation

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The Return Shipment Operation allows an agent to request equipment back from the customer.

Warning: Some conditions can prevent the equipment from being part of a Return Shipment Operation. For example, if the equipment is already part of an active Shipment Operation or part of an active Return Operation.

Request a Return Shipment

To create a Return Shipment, go to the client account > Operation > + Add > Select the item(s) that need to be returned > Select a Reason > Submit.

Tip: An operation can include more than one item.

Warning: Only Items with an identifier can be tracked in the Return Shipment Operation.

Set Due Date

By default, the due date is two weeks from the current date. The item will be considered overdue, and a charge will be applied to the corresponding product if it is not received within two weeks after the due date.

Change Status of Operation

The actions button allows changing the state of the operation in case it didn't follow the usual process.

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