Service Modification Operation

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Operations in gaiia accelerate agents' tasks by allowing them to complete complex operations with a few clicks and an automated follow-up. The Service modification allows the user to change the current internet services of a customer. Everything related to the billing adjustment is automated. It is possible to plan a service modification in advance.


Changing Services

To create a Service modification, go to the client account > Operations > +Add > Service modification >  Select the new internet speed and the date > Submit.

Tip: Equipment must be able to take the speed increase. Otherwise, you won't be able to select the speed. Make sure the modem and the router of the account are compatible with the new speed.

Warning: It might be necessary to send new equipment to the customer for high speed. To be sure the modem is used for the service modification is the right one, create an Equipment Return Operation including the old equipment first, then proceed to the Service modification. You can have a look at this article to know more about equipment speed specs.


Manual Intervention

It is possible to cancel an ongoing Speed Modification Operation by using the action button. To do so, go to the client account > Operations > Select the Speed Modification Operation to cancel > Actions button >  Cancel operation > Submit.



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