Modem Modification Operation

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Operations in gaiia accelerate agents' tasks by allowing them to complete complex operations with a few clicks and an automated follow-up. The modem modification allows the user to change the current active modem of the account. Only 1 modem can be active at a time per account. It is possible to plan a modem modification in advance.


Provisioning a different modem

The operation will change the modem being provisioned for the one selected in the operation. It will also deactivate the current modem in use.

To create a modem modification, go to the client account > Operations > +Add > Modem modification >  Select the modem to activate and the date > Submit.

Warning: if you are switching a modem for a service upgrade, make sure the client has the new modem in hand before upgrading the service to avoid downtime.  


Cancelling a modem modification operation

It is possible to cancel an ongoing Modem Modification Operation by using the action button. To do so, go to the client account > Operations > Select the Modem Modification Operation to cancel > Actions button >  Cancel operation > Submit.



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