Release Note May 1st 2023

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This page tracks product updates that were released on the date noted in the article title. See below for details. 

Product Update


  • New operations: Activate phone service It is now possible to activate the phone service using an operation for both new phone numbers and portabilities.
    • When activating with a new number, the phone number is confirmed upon operation completion.
    • When porting a phone number, a porting date will be required. It can be as early as today or scheduled in the future.
    • Important: These operations do not update the subscriptions automatically. The agents must manually add the subscription to the account upon operation completion.
  • Issues page improvement Previously, the Issues page was not paginated, meaning that all issues were loaded at once, leading to long loading times or even timeouts. Now, the page will be paginated. Users can select between 25, 50, 100 and 250 issues to view per page.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Creating a user that already exists now returns a nice error
    • User search has been fixed
    • Logging out of gaiia now clears the URL
    • See all agents do not redirect to billing report anymore when admin permission is not present
    • There are now placeholders in the address forms


  • Expedition module will display the carrier name (Canada Post or Purolator) instead of generic shipping method (regular, express)
  • UI improvements in Product module:
    • Moved "Custom rule", "Categories", "Coverage areas", and "Translations" to under "Settings"
    • Changed the icon in "Coverage areas" to "edit"


  • Ticketing French transactions
  • Ticketing notifications
    • When a user is assigned to a ticket
    • To assignees and followers when ticket status changes
  • Override address availability in admin section
  • Better operation updates when request is manually retried

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