Q3 2023 - Product Update

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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Disclaimer: features talked in the update may not be available on all instances of gaiia and are only there as references.

April was definitely a month focused on quality-of-life improvements for our users. In fact, many of the newly released features presented below showcase shortcuts and upgrades that now save considerable time and effort to gaiia agents and operators. For example, the new Expedition, Ticket and Inventory features centralize more capabilities and context within gaiia, allowing users to achieve more without leaving the comfort of gaiia.

On another note, we will have two completely different focuses next month. First, build a more streamlined customer migration pipeline to offer a more seamless gaiia onboarding process, and second, implement more third-party payment and communication integrations for upcoming customers. Stay tuned!

Workforce Management - Work order map view

Dispatchers can now view all work orders with an associated work location on a map. This allows dispatchers to visually locate and manage work orders without scouring a list.


Workforce Management - Technician schedule assignation preview

When assigning a work schedule to a technician, dispatchers can now see a preview of their schedule before applying it to their calendar.


Ticket - Account tickets

All tickets linked to a customer’s account are now displayed in a Tickets section on the account’s page. It’s just more convenient!


Expedition - Choose an alternative shipping method

Choosing an alternative shipping method in the shipment operation to a different carrier and method is now possible. It allows users to upgrade the shipping speed, from Canada Post to Purolator, without requiring manual intervention or disruption to the usual packing flow at the warehouse.


Expedition - Tracking shipment information

Tracking information, including the expected delivery date, is now included in all shipment operations for packages sent via Canada Post. It allows users to see the progress without having to exit gaiia. For those packages, the operation is completed once delivered.


Inventory - Search by a unique equipment ID

The serial numbers and MAC addresses of equipment in the inventory are now included in the universal search. Users can enter complete or partial numbers to see results, bringing them to the specific item without knowing the model.


CRM - Activating phone service using operations

It is now possible to activate the phone service of a customer using an operation for both new numbers and portabilities.


Loyalty - Promo code management

Marketing teams can now manage promo codes in the admin settings of gaiia. These promo codes can be used by new customers when they subscribe. The first iteration of this loyalty feature currently grants one free month.


Coming soon 👀

  • Product Catalog
    • Add volume pricing as a pricing strategy for products
    • Mark products as taxable/non-taxable
  • Workforce Management
    • Service notes on the technician platform
    • Improved interactions on the work order map
  • Expedition
    • Changing the mailing address of a shipment
  • Notification
    • Update communication templates using a WYSIWYG builder
  • Billing
    • Tax module to manage their tax configurations
  • CRM
    • Generate reports on a recurring basis using report templates managed and edited directly inside gaiia.
    • New operation to reactivate an account previously suspended because of a seasonal suspension or delinquency.
  • Integrations
    • Email marketing integration with SendGrid
    • Payment processing integration with Authorize.net

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