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The Reactivation Operation will allow agents to reactivate customer accounts after a seasonal or delinquency suspension. It will be possible to schedule the reactivation for now or at a later date. This operation will reassign all suspended subscriptions on the customer account and enable the corresponding services, re-enable the billing cycle and update the status to Active. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer as well.

Warning: Only suspended subscriptions will be reassigned.

Tip: To use the Reactivation Operation, the client need first to be in a suspended state that was set with a Suspension Operation.


How to Create a Reactivation

To create a Reactivation Operation, go to the client account > Operations > +Add > Reactivation > Fill the information for each step > Submit.

You can see an example of the operation's modal in this image:


This view allows you to see what subscriptions will be reactivated with the operation.

If the customer wants to reactivate with less services than before the suspension, follow these steps: Go to the billing tab > Unassigns unwanted subscriptions (the subscription was previously suspended) > Go back to the reactivation operation and proceed.

If the customer wants to reactivate with more services than before the suspension, proceed with the Reactivation Operation and then add a subscription as you would normally do with an active customer.


How to Reschedule or Cancel an Activation

The reactivation can be rescheduled within the operation by using the Actions button > Reschedule.

The reactivation can be cancelled within the operation by using the Actions button > Cancel operation.

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