Release Note May 23rd 2023

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This page tracks product updates that were released on the date noted in the article title. See below for details. 

Product Update


  • New permission for the accounts export feature: The “Export” feature on the Accounts page will have its own permission from now on. This means that admins can now restrict which roles have access to this feature in the admin settings of gaiia. By default, the permission is NOT linked to any role, so you need to add it to a role to access it.
  • Reactivation operation: A new Reactivation Operation will allow agents to reactivate customer accounts after a seasonal suspension or delinquency themselves.


  • Tax geo zone now supports:
    • country
    • region
    • county
    • cities


  • Sendgrid integration


  • Viewing Pricing tiers in product details

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