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At some point, the price of a product will need to be modified. Creating a new version of a product allows changing the price of a particular product. 

Set as primary will change the price of that product to all the visible prices and prevent a new or existing customer from getting the old version.


Create a new product

To create a new product go to Products > + Add product > Fill in the information > Submit.

Name is for internal use only

Description is what will be used if there is no product translation and helps to better understand the product.

Payment strategy is to select how the product is paid by the customer. One time is for a single charge, often used for buying equipment or activation fees. Prepaid is to pay in advance to allow the customer to use the network. Recurring is for a monthly subscription.

Billing scheme is to select how the charges are bought. Per unit is when it's always the same price whatever the amount of product you buy. Tiered is when the price changes with the amount of units of the product bought. You need to create your tier in the next step. The price per tier is for 1 unit only.

Warning: the first tier will always start with 1 unit and the last end with infinite units. Create more tiers to have in between possibilities. The amount of units must be a whole number.

Tip: For a tiered product, only the Max unit can be edited, and it automatically changes the Min accordingly to avoid a gap.

Coverage area can be selected to offer the product only to this area. If no coverage area is selected, the product will be available everywhere on your network. Those can be edited by going to Product > Settings > Coverage area > Click on Add coverage area or on the coverage area to edit it.

Category specs are all specification the tenant want to add to the product. Those can be edited by going to Product > Settings > Category> Click on Add Category (specs are on the 2nd step) or on the category to edit it. Field type can be array, boolean, enum, integer, number or string. There can be as many specs as you want per category.

Warning: the product must be set as primary to be available to the customer.


Equipment linked to a product

To link equipment to a product, go to Products > Select the product > Equipment > + Add equipment > Select equipment > Save.

Linking equipment allows enabling a device to be functional with the product. You can add more equipment and prioritize a device for the shipment. Only one can be the Primary equipment, others will be Alternatives.

Warning : Create all equipment in the same group for the same type. Ex. all modems in a group and all routers in another group.


Create a new version

To edit a product or to change its price, go to Product > Click the ellipsis menu of the product to edit > + Add version

Set as primary means that the version (price) will be the one available for new customers and existing customers willing to change to this product.


Delete product

Product can't be deleted. Removing the primary version of it will make it unavailable to new customers and existing customers.

To make a product unavailable, go to Products > Click the ellipsis menu of the product to change > Remove primary.

A request must be done to move customers with the modified product to another one if necessary.

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