Modem Swap From The Warehouse

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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At first, a modem is pre-assigned to an account by the creation of the shipment operation. It is possible to proceed with a Modem Swap if there is a modem that can't be found and needs to be replaced.

At the warehouse, when scanning the same manufacturer and modem but a different identifier (SN or MAC), gaiia will detect there is a modem swap. This will update the information in the equipment tab of the account and the shipment operation. The operation is marked as an issue. The activation operation needs to be changed to update the modem information.

The process is almost transparent to the expedition team. Only a notification to confirm there is a modem swap is displayed.

Agents in charge of Issues need to fix the activation by cancelling the last activation and depositing a new activation with the new modem.

Warning: Only shipment is modified by the flow. Internet activation must be changed manually. The operation will be flagged as an issue to allow agents to check.

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