Q2 2023 - Product Update

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Disclaimer: features talked in the update may not be available on all instances of gaiia and are only there as references.

Document - WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor is now available in the Admin menu, under the Document section This tool, previously released to edit Communication templates, can also be used to customize the Statement PDF sent to customers. Users can edit templates using the easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface or by editing the JSON code directly, and all changes can be immediately previewed before saving!


Expedition - Returns Overview

An overview of all returns can now be viewed in the Returns section of the Expedition module, making it easier to find and know the status of returned inventory. In the overview table, a user can see key information relating to the return, including the account ID and name, when the return was created, when it's due, and its status.

Each return also has a nested detailed view where the user can see the specific inventory items with their own information and status.

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Integrations - Authorize.net integration

Authorize.net can now be used as a payment processor within gaiia. This fully integrated payment processor allows our customers to securely process online payments directly within our platform without needing a separate billing platform. This integration supports features such as recurring billing, fraud detection, and chargeback prevention.


Workforce Management - Work order start times

Dispatchers can now select a specific start time when assigning work orders to technicians. This allows dispatchers to set a more granular work schedule and assign a work order every half-hour. Setting start times enables better integrations with other calendar software down the line as well as better communication with customers.


CRM - Address Autocompletion

Entering a physical or mailing address in gaiia is now easier than ever. Instead of manually entering all the address fields, gaiia autocompletes the address and automatically fills all the required fields. If the correct address isn’t found right away, it is still possible to fill all the fields manually or correct individual fields if necessary.

Apart from speeding up the account creation and modification process, it will also significantly reduce errors and typing mistakes and ensure gaiia has all the necessary data for shipping and taxation.


Global - gaiia is now available in French

French-speaking users can now use gaiia in French by simply editing their user preferences from the top right dropdown. This will facilitate the usage of gaiia globally and decrease the learning curve required to use gaiia for new users.

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Client Portal - Major update

Multiple new capabilities have been added to the client portal:

  • Client portal activation using a unique link for new customers
  • Support for prepaid and recurring plans
  • Manage payment methods (i.e. credit cards and bank accounts)
  • View and download invoices
  • Pay invoices (partially or entirely) and add funds
  • Edit client portal password

With these new features, the client portal provides much more value to end users and can now answer the needs of various ISPs.

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Coming soon 👀

Product Catalog

  • Advanced coverage areas for the USA.
  • Ability to add translation directly in product and overall UI improvements relating to translations.
  • Ability to easily duplicate products.

Workforce Management

  • UX improvements to the Schedules tab: we are making improvements based on usability tests conducted around the technician schedules page.


  • Adding zip codes to tax zones.


  • Properties management (support for MDU): gaiia will soon support MDUs and MTUs, in both Bulk and Retail models.
  • Account activity logs: gaiia users will soon have access to the activity history of all accounts to retrace actions and changes that happened to an account in the past.


  • Payment processing integration with IPPay.
  • Marketplace v0.01: gaiia users will be able to configure and connect to any supported integration from our marketplace.

White-label checkout

  • This checkout will allow gaiia clients to convert their website visitors into actual customers, entirely online, without human intervention.
  • We will support residential subscriptions first, but support for MDU is already planned.

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