Release Notes: Oct 23, 2023

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
  • Updated

Product Update


  • Klaviyo
    • Add gaiiaID to the mailing list

Users UI

  • Accounts Diagnostic tab was renamed to Network
    • Diagnostics and Devices are now subtabs (most tenants only see one subtab)
  • Add a country filter in the accounts list
  • Ability to reassign unassigned equipment
    • Account > Equipment > Unassigned > 3 vertical dots > Assign > Assign


  • Fixes
    • Prepaid services
      • Changing subscription when suspended will now recharge properly on the next payment
      • Recharging the account right after activation or reactivation will not reset the 24h delay before usage creation
    • Transaction
      • Prevent cache issues when creating transactions in gaiia


  • Notification template editor
    • Better handling of popover windows, such as the font-size dropdown

Client Portal

  • Add a warning if a copy-pasted password has trailing spaces that will cause potential failures¬†

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