Delinquent Suspension workflow

Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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The delinquent suspension operations allow automatic suspension of a customer if they have been flagged as a delinquent based on admin settings. 

To deal with delinquent accounts, go to Admin > Delinquents > Click the ellipsis menu of the account > Edit > Proceed. Changing steps will send communication to the customer, and then you need to manually proceed with the actions required.

The flow is currently all manual except for communications that are sent to the client with the Delinquent interface when changing the steps.

Tip: The account must be assigned to you to be able to take action. Use the Assign to me button to be assigned to a case.

Tip: We can enable a delinquent setting to add more automation. The billing setting "First delinquency step when an account becomes delinquent" allows to automatize a part of the process : 

  • If NEW, the suspension will be created when the delinquent step turns to SUSPENDED (by an agent)
  • If SUSPENDED, the suspension workflow will be created as soon as an account is delinquent

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