Release Notes: Nov 13, 2023

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This page tracks product updates that were released on the date noted in the article title. See below for details. 

Product Update


  • Checkout flow as "lead mode": This will allow potential customers to validate their address and subscribe with their account created with a new “Lead” status instead of “Pending” in gaiia. The lead mode has the option to capture the payment method upfront or not. The customer agents will then be able to manually finish validating availability, close the sale and activate the customer after the fact.

Client Portal

  • Added ability to generate a link to activate the client portal for a customer (Gaiia > Accounts > Client Portal tab) 
  • Added automated prompts/messages for delinquent customers in the customer portal, with options to make a payment and to contact support.

User Interface

  • Products: Display Product Version UUID on the Product details page.Screenshot_2023-11-15_at_9.34.31_AM.png
  • Product: Coverage area type now allows postal codes Canada only

Bug fixes

  • Fixed un-scrollable regions in some page headers.
  • Fixed issue with the kebab menu not showing for last item in some case in Category’s products table.
  • Fixed items filter to include manufacturer first, followed by model.

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