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The workforce module allows you to assign work orders to technicians and ensure your customer get activated. Different work types and schedules can be created to facilitate the management of your workforce.


Setting up your Workforce

Work type

Creating work types will allow you to have different jobs on the field, with a description of each step for the technician and an estimation of time.

Go to Workforce > Configuration > Click "+" to Create Work Types


Shift Templates

Creating a shift template allows you to set the working hours of your workforce and assign work orders during that period of time. 

Go to Workforce > Configuration > Click "+" to Create Shift Templates


Worker - Technician

Creating the profile of your workers-technicians. The technician page shows contact information and work-type capabilities.

Go to Workforce > Technicians > Click "+" to Create Technician


Assign Workforce Shifts

This page allows you to manage your workforce schedule by assigning shifts to your workforce. Knowing working shifts will help to assign work orders to workers.

Go to Workforce > Click a Technicians > to Shifts > Click ellipsis menu > Assign shifts


Now that the configuration is set, you can create work orders and assign a technician to do the job.

More information in the article (Create and Assign Work Orders)

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