Defining Default Communication Templates

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Communications are used to send messages to your customers directly from gaiia, either automatically or manually by one of your agent. Each communication uses a template as its base.

If your instance of gaiia was configured to support multiple languages, each template can contain multiple translations, and it can also have an SMS variant if an SMS integration is present.

By default, all system messages will feature your organization's logo and key information.
However, during your implementation of gaiia it's recommended to personalize these templates with your brand's identity and align the language to your company's tone.

Additionally, we recommend you consider creating custom message templates for your agents. These will facilitate consistent and efficient communication with customers.
As your business evolves, make sure to regularly update these templates or develop new ones to meet changing needs. Your instance of gaiia is designed to grow with you!



  1. Get acquainted with gaiia's customer communication system
    We recommend reading About Customer Communications to quickly learn how we approach customer communications. It covers the basics of customer communications and has links to additional articles you might find useful.
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab
  3. Select the Communication tab
  4. Update every template present in the System messages tab
    Read Editing Communication Templates to learn how to use the template editor.
    To learn what trigger a specific system message, read System Messages and Triggers
  5. Update or create every Custom messages your agent might need

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