Release Notes: Dec 17th, 2023

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
  • Updated

User interface

  • [Workforce] Renaming “Configuration” tab to “Settings”.


  • Support for geofence coverage areas.


  • Only display system communication for your enabled features/workflows.
  • Add common merge tags in system and custom templates. firstName, lastName, gaiiaId, internetProvider and billingAddress are available. More to come.


  • [IPpay] Send a failed communication when IPPAY payments fail.
  • [Stytch] A new user authentication tool is available.


  • Automatic payments will now consider pending payments to determine if an auto payment needs to be made.
    • If autoPayFullBalance setting is "true", pending payments need to cover the whole account balance to stop autopay from creating a new payment.
    • If autoPayFullBalance setting is "false", pending payments only need to cover the invoice amount that is being processed to prevent auto-pay from creating a new payment.
  • Add the ability to add a grace period when the account is already delinquent.
  • Prevent manually marking an account as delinquent when the account is already in a grace period. Also, added a small spinner to the button to show the request in progress.
  • Update billing statistics page to exclude accounts without billing cycle enabled in:
    1. Monthly recurring revenue from subscriptions.
    2. Average monthly revenue per user.
    3. Monthly recurring discounts from subscriptions.
    4. Monthly recurring discounts from subscriptions with price override.


  • Prevent deletion of any entity if there are dependent entities underneath. Ex: Prevent deletion of a manufacturer if there are models underneath.

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