Release Notes: Jan 8th, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This page tracks product updates that were released on the date noted in the article title. See below for details.

Product Update

User interface

  • [Workforce] Add a print button to Actions to allow printing work orders

Untitled (7).png

  • [Workforce] Allow dispatchers (users) to edit a work order status

Untitled (6).png

  • [Workforce] Use the native map app when a user clicks on a work order location on a smartphone

  • [Account] Allow users to create public tickets directly from the Tickets tab in an account

Client Portal

  • Allow customers to reply to their tickets within the client portal


  • [IPpay] Include the processor error message when we receive a payment/refund response (i.e 9 - Invalid routing number )


  • Bug fix:
    • Fixed an issue where Shared Subscription Charges were duplicated when Added to an Account with the Billing Cycle Enabled


  • Add the possibility to transfer items from a model to another
    • Inventory > Settings > Models > 3 vertical dots > Transfer Items

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