Release Notes: Jan 15th, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This page tracks product updates that were released on the date noted in the article title. See below for details.

Product Update

User interface

  • Added the possibility to import promo codes in bulk


Client Portal

  • Introduced a prompt to alert customers if they attempt to navigate away from a support ticket page without sending their composed reply

  • Added possibility for customers to filter support tickets in the client portal

  • Introduced a new notification beneath the customer's current balance, which activates during payment processing

    • This alert communicates that any changes to the balance will be reflected only after the payment has been successfully processed

    • This alert also displays what the balance of the customer will be once the payment has been successfully processed


  • Fixed: Payment modals now remain open until processing is complete, preventing premature closure by customers


  • Fixed: Payment communications for successful and failed transactions are now properly sent to customers, regardless of their invoice issue dates.
    • Successful payment communications will be sent except when the payment date coincides with the invoice date, as the invoice itself confirms the payment.
    • Notifications for unsuccessful payments will now always be dispatched to ensure customers are promptly informed of any issues, regardless of their billing setup.
  • Added a new merge tag “totalBalanceDue” that displays the total outstanding balance of a customer
    • Available on the “payment due”, “manual statement”, “statement” & “overdue” communication templates
    • Each communication templates must be manually updated to leverage this new merge tag


  • Overdue and delinquency fees are now automatically appended to existing invoices, eliminating the need for manual regeneration.
    • This feature is on by default, but can be disabled via a feature flag
  • Implemented the first iteration of the “Mailed invoices” report, allowing tenants to download a collated list of invoices for customers with the “Receives printed invoice” option enabled, facilitating the printing of these invoices.
    • The “Receives printed invoice” option can only be enabled by an agent from a customer’s account page, under the Billing settings tab
    • This report is automatically generated on days where invoices for customers with the “Receives printed invoice” option enabled would normally be generated
      • This report will not be generated if no such invoice exists on a given day
    • A fee for this service can be applied to a customer’s balance each time an invoice is generated
      • This fee is off by default and must be manually set under the Billing setting “Apply a fee when an account receives a printed invoice” of the admin tab


  • Fixed: Enabled scheduling reactivations for provider “NONE”, preventing errors in sandbox instances and for tenants with no network integration


  • Added the option to filter by coverage area in the Products page
  • Improvements to the coverage areas feature
    • Page optimization for faster loading speed
    • Added pagination, sorting, filtering, and searching for coverage areas
    • Added the ability to export data from a coverage area using the three vertical dots next to it

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