Release Notes: Jan 22th, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This release note highlights significant improvements such as streamlined ticket handling, advanced mailing address selection, and enhanced user interface features. It also includes bug fixes to optimize system functionality and user experience.

Product Update

User Interface

  • Ticket Management enhancements
    • You can now select assignees directly when creating a ticket, streamlining the ticket handling process
    • Ticket comments now support rich text, allowing for more expressive and detailed communication
    • View full ticket titles with improved ticket table formatting for better readability and navigation
  • Mailing Addresses enhancements
    • Updated mailing address selection to limit search results to your assigned country, providing more relevant options.
    • Added the possibility to select mailing addresses beyond your state within your country.
  • Fixed: Removed the automatic selection of the suspension type in the suspension workflow when multiple options are available


  • Terms and Conditions acceptance checkbox
    • Potential customers can now view and accept terms and conditions during the checkout flow
    • Contact us to integrate this feature with your website's terms and conditions document

Client Portal

  • Bank account addition for Stripe ACH
    • Customers can now add their bank account as a payment method through Stripe ACH
  • Ticket Attachment feature
    • Customers can now add attachments to their ticket replies

Billing Module

  • Implemented ACH payments via Stripe
  • GoCardLess’ payment failures now generate a ticket when a manual retry is required
  • Fixed: “Next Recurring Charge” values in billing summaries
  • Fixed: Exceptions in cancellations involving $0 products

Product Module

  • UI Improvements based on feedback
    • Streamlined model creation by removing protocol and port requirements
    • Reordered tabs in Inventory settings for better usability
    • Updated wording for item assignation and adding new items
  • Fixed: Glitches when archiving a product version

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