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Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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UTOPIA Fiber - New Integration

At gaiia, we're excited to launch a robust integration with UTOPIA Fiber, introducing simplified workflows for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) leveraging Open Access Networks (OANs). This integration brings forth a suite of functionalities designed to help ISPs automate the entire customer journey on the UTOPIA Fiber Network.

Automated Workflows Between gaiia and UTOPIA Fiber

  • Streamlined Activation Process: Initiate customer activations directly from gaiia without manual actions on Utopia's portal.
  • Effortless Cancellation: Seamless cancellation requests sent from gaiia, automatically updating account status upon completion by Utopia.
  • Automated Suspension and Reactivation: Request suspensions or reactivations effortlessly, syncing gaiia's workflow with Utopia's processes.
  • Quick Speed Modifications: Easily modify service plans and synchronize changes with Utopia for swift customer service updates.
  • Customer Lead Management: Notifications within gaiia are created for direct sign-ups on Utopia's website, creating a clear customer onboarding list and eliminating duplicates.


Account Activity Logs 🏃🏻‍♂️

Account Activity Logs offer a complete overview of customer account activities within gaiia. Whether it's user-initiated modifications, customer actions in their portal, or system-generated events, every change impacting an account is automatically logged. This comprehensive tracking empowers customer service representatives with transparent and actionable insights, accelerating issue resolution and enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Activity Log Groupings and Examples

  1. User Actions: All modifications made by gaiia users (CSR Team) from the gaiia interface that impact the current customer account (i.e. subscription modifications, address updates, invoice creation).
  2. Customer Actions: All modifications made by the customers from their customer portal (i.e. email or phone number changes, subscription modifications, ticket creation).
  3. System Events: All modifications automatically made by gaiia that impact the current customer account (i.e. Invoice generation & workflow actions).

gaiia-Account Activity Logs 🏃🏻_♂️.png

Customer Portal - Ticket Submission 📨

Subscribers can now submit support requests directly within their customer portal, eliminating the hassle of navigating away or using multiple channels for assistance. Once activated, a dedicated "Support" tab will appear in the customer portal, and allow customers to create and monitor support requests, each with a distinct status for easy tracking. Not only does this expedite customer service response times, but it also reduces reliance on emails or phone calls, freeing up support resources.

gaiia-Customer Portal - Ticket Submission 📨.png

Automated Provisioning via Preseem & UNMS

We're excited to introduce UNMS and Preseem integrations via gaiia’s workflow editor. By bringing UNMS and Preseem functionalities into the gaiia platform, we’re ensuring a unified and efficient workflow for managing devices and optimizing service plans.

  • UNMS Integration: Manage, activate, and suspend devices directly through the UNMS integration.
  • Preseem Integration: Enable plan enforcement and shaping through automated workflows, ensuring optimal performance for your subscribers.


New Module: Properties 🏠

At gaiia, we understand that managing Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) presents unique challenges for ISPs. That's why we've developed a Properties Module tailored specifically to simplify and optimize MDU operations. With support for Bulk, Retail, and Hybrid MDU relationships, ISPs can now effortlessly tailor their services to different MDU scenarios.

Key features include:

  • MDU Billing Logic: One of the module's key highlights is its specialized billing logic designed explicitly for MDUs. It empowers ISPs to split billing between property owners and tenants, either by a percentage or dollar amount. This innovative billing solution enhances transparency and fairness in MDU billing processes, ensuring both property owners and tenants enjoy accurate charges.
  • Structured Building & Unit Management: With gaiia’s properties module, you have the ability to structure units within properties, and properties within groups. This intuitive structure ensures a clean and easy-to-understand relationship management for all technicians and customer service representatives. This structured approach ensures that MDU operations remain organized and efficient.
  • Efficient Onboarding with Pre-listing of Units: The properties module offers the capability to pre-list all units within an MDU property, converting them into serviceable addresses that can then be selected in the online customer checkout. This functionality simplifies the onboarding process, and ensures ISPs can efficiently expand their services within MDU properties. The result is faster deployment and a more streamlined experience for property owners and tenants alike.
  • Tenant Onboarding with the White-Labeled Checkout: To further enhance the tenant experience, we’ve added the flexibility to our online checkout flow to provide a customized user experience based on the inputted address.


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