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Kelli Sturkenboom
Kelli Sturkenboom
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In this article, we walk you through the tickets module within gaiia, explaining how tickets are used to communicate both internally and with customers. We cover setting up ticketing system fields such as types, categories, and ticket closed reasons. Learn how to create a ticket, customize its details, add comments, and view updates. You'll also see what it looks like for a customer to submit an external ticket and how your agents can respond.


Ticket Settings and Configuration



00:00 Introduction

00:28 Setting up Ticketing System Fields

02:07 Mailboxes for Public Tickets

02:47 Creating a Ticket

05:00 Viewing Comments, Work Logs & Updates

06:46 Assigning Users to Tickets

07:46 Accessing and Filtering Tickets




00:00 Sending a Ticket from the Customer Portal

01:10 Receiving a Public Ticket in gaiia

01:38 Receiving a Response to an External Ticket

02:16 Other External Ticket Agent Actions


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