Release Notes: Feb 5th, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This release note highlights improvements such as enhanced user interface, billing, and client portal features. It also includes bug fixes to optimize system functionality and user experience.

Product Update

User interface

  • Added additional links to the Help & Support page, giving quick access to our Help Desk


  • Rescheduling service cancellations using the action button is now allowed when the provider is “None”

Client Portal

  • Added a modal that suggests to users to make a payment after they add a payment method if their balance is outstandingpayment method added suggest to pay.png


  • Discount products can now be created as percentage based, alternatively from a flat amount
    • The percentage discount is applied to the whole invoice
  • Discount names, or their translations, will now be displayed on invoices
  • New report: “Accounts receivable”
    • Snapshot of all opened invoices, broken down by the number of days since they were opened


  • The model’s manufacturer will now be displayed next to its name in the model details page
    manufacturer name with model name.png


  • Items in the products list now have an Edit button in their ellipsis menu

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