Release Notes: Feb 26th, 2024

Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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This release note highlights significant improvements such as streamlined ticket handling, advanced mailing address selection, and enhanced user interface features. It also includes bug fixes to optimize system functionality and user experience.

Product Update

User interface

  • Commercial names are now a searchable field in gaiia’s global search bar
  • Users can now create properties where invoicing is shared between the customer and the property group, enabling what is often known as a “hybrid” MDU model
  • Users can now edit a customer’s account type (Residential vs Commercial)
  • Users can now edit an account’s commercial name
  • Work orders associated to a customer account will now show up as results in gaiia’s global search


Client Portal

  • For tenants using the Properties module, a new client portal access has been added for group managers that oversee multiple properties
    • With this feature, Group managers can view payment methods & invoices, filter by specific properties, and update login credentials



  • If a workspace has both communication types enabled (email/SMS), the Communications tab of a customer account will now include a Filter button to easily allow agents to narrow down the list of sent communication
  • Pagination has been added to the Communications tab of accounts to make it much easier to easily navigate and view communication.

  • When previewing a custom message that is being edited, both types (email/SMS) can be previewed from the same modal, removing additional steps switch between the two

  • Added a border around the actual message in the preview to better distinguish what is part of the actual message versus the modal

  • Added a scrollbar to messages in order to make it easier to view communications inside a modal instead of needing to scroll up and down the webpage itself


  • [Fixed] Added logic to ensure a delinquency fee is only applied once per invoice.

    • Previously, a delinquency fee could be applied twice when an account entered delinquency but a grace period was applied
  • Added a new setting to set the default ticket type used when billing creates a ticket for users to review (in the event of failed payments, etc.)


    • In the event the ticket type setup was deleted, an error message is shown to the user


    • The platform falls back to the “Internal” ticket type in the event one was not specified or a previous ticket type was deleted



  • For each mailbox, tenants can now select a list of users that will be notified when a new ticket is created.

  • Added new merge tags in the "Ticket new public comment" communication template that can automatically populate the first name, last name and email of the repliercurrent_user_merge_tag

    • For more information on merge tags, check this article: Merge Tags


  • Added the ability to edit an existing coverage area via the “append file” feature, which allows users to add new items to an existing coverage area without overwriting all existing items.
    • For example, a user can now add a new subset of addresses to a given coverage area without having to upload a file containing all existing addresses plus new addresses.import_fsa_coverage_areas.png

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