Accessing your Real-Time Transactions List

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Dany Bouchard
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The Transactions list allows you to view and inspect all the transactions that happened in your instance, for all of your customers.

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  1. The Transactions list provides a real-time view of all activity that is occurring, meaning a payment taken a few minutes ago will show up as intended.
  2. The Transactions list is great for:
    1. Troubleshooting by reviewing transaction data in real-time
    2. Responding quickly to your customer's inquiries
    3. Answering questions such as: "What are all the failed payments I have for today?"
  3. Reporting will continue to offer the immutable data used for reconciliation and financial reporting
  4. All types of Transactions are available in this view:
    1. Debits
    2. Discounts
    3. Refunds
    4. Payments



To view the transaction list you will need the Billing > Transactions > View permission enabled.

  1. Navigate to the Admin menu
  2. Select the Billing sub-menu
  3. Click on the Transactions tab
  • Click on a transaction's Chevron button chevron_icon.png to open a detailed view of the entry
    You can also click on the chevron in the list's header to expand all transactions that are currently shown on the page
  • From there, you can use the Filter button to narrow-down shown transactions
    Filter Information
    Created at Filter by the date at which the payment(s) occurred
    Type Filter by Debit, Discount, Payment or Refund
    Unvoiced or Invoiced Debits conditional - Debits ONLY
    Discount Reason conditional - Discounts ONLY
    Payment Status conditional - Payments ONLY
    Refund Status conditional - Refunds ONLY

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