Your First Steps with gaiia

Kelli Sturkenboom
Kelli Sturkenboom
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First and foremost, welcome to gaiia!

Below, you will find a list of articles tailored for the needs of a new gaiia user.

Each of these articles contains a short video focussing a specific aspect of gaiia, with the goal of quickly building a solid foundation for your usage of gaiia.

Quickstart: Your First Steps with gaiia

This article is part of a guide with the objective of quick-starting you on your journey with gaiia. 

It covers the basics, and will offer links to additional documentation when relevant.

  1. Creating New Customers
  2. Using Workflows
  3. Adding Equipment
  4. Billing Actions
  5. Customer Information and Preferences


Once you've gone over this guide, we encourage you to continue looking through our Help Desk to find more learning ressources!

The Field Guide section will cover most of your day-to-day needs, whereas the Advanced Ressources section covers stuff that happens behind the scene and is generally aimed at workspace admins and power users.


Happy learning!

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