Finding an object's UUID

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In gaiia, every object (customer accounts, inventory items, properties, etc.) have a UUID bound to them. UUIDs are 36-characters long strings compromised of letters and numbers.

Some objects, such as customer accounts, will also have another ID attached to them. In this case, it would be the Account ID.

Generally speaking, UUIDs are seldom used by agents, they are often only used by the system and some advanced functionalities such as import CSVs and the such.

Agents will often work with the human-friendly, and shorter, ID relevant to the object they are interacting with.


Finding an account's UUID

There are two ways to find a customer's account UUID; looking direcrtly at their account, or getting it from an accounts export.

A. For a specific account

  1. Navigate to the customer's Account page
  2. Select the Contact tab from the Details panel on the right
  3. Scroll down to the Account information section
  4. Locate the UUID field


B. For a list of account

  1. Access the Accounts table
  2. If relevant, set filters to only capture desired accounts
  3. Click the Export button
  4. In the CSV, the id column represents the UUID

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