Release Notes: March 25th, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This release note highlights significant improvements such as workforce improvements, and enhanced user interface features. It also includes bug fixes to optimize system functionality and user experience.

Product Update

User interface

  • [Billing] If an agent tries to reverse a transaction that is already tied to an invoice, the invoice number will now be displayed in the warning modal
  • When applying filters to a table, if no result can be returned we now display an empty view
  • Added the Client portal tab in the Admin page, displaying the primary URL of the customer portal
    • This URL can be used to give your customers a quick access to their customer portal


  • Fixed:┬áVarious bug fixes for technician availability logic
    • Includes an issue related to daylight savings time


  • [TP-Link] Added the ability to fetch information from a TP-Link device through TP-Link API
  • [UNMS] Added the ability to see throughput RX/TX from UNMS on Network Devices.


  • Reverted change from March 13th; the Payment modal will now display expired payment methods again

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