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The Main Mass Discounts List  is your go-to resource for tracking, managing, and analyzing all your mass discounts.

This guide offers a straightforward overview of statuses, actions, and insights for effective mass discount management.

Guide: Mass Discounts

This article is part of a larger guide about the Mass Discounts feature

  1. Mass Discounts - Overview
  2. Building the CSVs for Mass Discounts
  3. Creating Mass Discounts
  4. Managing Mass Discounts


The Main Mass Discounts List

The main Mass Discounts list provides a central area to track all of the discounts that have been created.

From here, you can continue building a discount process that has already been started, review one that is currently being applied accounts or understand the success of a discount process that has been completed.

This section will provide details on how to read and understand the various information on this page.

Discount Statuses

To help you quickly understand the status of a mass discount, gaiia provides a dedicated column for tracking statuses.

The various statuses are outlined below:

Status Description Important Considerations
Draft The discount is still in the process of being built and has not been run yet. A draft discount can be deleted. A discount in this status will never be applied until the Apply discounts button is selected.
Completed The discounts were successfully applied to the accounts specified. This status will only appear when all discounts were applied successfully. All discounts can be reviewed in The Discount Applied Tab when reviewing a Mass Discount.
Failed Errors occurred that prevented some or all discounts from being applied to the list of accounts.

This status will only display when one or more of the discounts could not be applied.

Keep in mind, Failed can be displayed even if other discounts were successfully applied. When this status is shown, we recommend reviewing The Errors Tab to understand what occurred.

Cancelled The discount was cancelled mid-process, and some or all of the discounts were prevent from being applied.

This status will only be applied when the discount was explicitly cancelled by a user.

A cancelled discount will stop any discounts not yet applied from being applied. Any discounts already applied will still remain on the accounts.


The Columns

The table below provides a detailed overview of each column within the list, except for the Discount Statuses.

Column Name Description Important Considerations
Name Displays the internal name assigned to the discount. This is an internal name assigned to the discount for review and allows to easily distinguish between each one. This name is solely used for this area and is not used anywhere else within gaiia.
Status The status of the discount. Refer to the Discount Statuses above.
Discounts Applied Indicates how many discounts were successfully applied. If this column does not show a 100% application rate, any errors that prevented particular discounts from being applied can be reviewed in The Errors Tab of each individual discount process.
Errors How many errors occurred when attempting to apply the discounts. A total count of the number of errors that occurred when applying the discounts. One error is counted per discount that is being applied.
Created on The date and time the discounts began to be applied.

The date/time is based off of the current locale setup for your account.

The time can be determined by hovering over the date.

This column will be empty if the discount is still in a Draft status.

The date/time is always based off of when the discounts began to be applied.

The final delivery date/time of the last discounts that was applied can be determined within The Discount Applied Tab when reviewing a discount.

Started by The gaiia user who started the process of applying the discounts.

This will always display the first & last name of the gaiia user. This is based off of who clicked the Apply discounts button.

Should a discount be in a Draft status, no user will be displayed in this column.


Actions That Can Be Performed

From this view a few different actions can be performed, depending on the discount status. These actions can also differ depending on the status of that discount.

To access those actions, click the ellipsis UI-vertical-3-dots-menu.png icon next to the desired communication


From All Statuses

Regardless of the status, there is one universal action that is always available:

  • View → Depending on its status, you may be presented with a slightly different view but this action always allows you to view more details about it.

From Status: Draft

Should the discount be in a “Draft”, two options are available to users:

  • Edit → Allows a user to continue updating the discount and/or begin the process of applying it.
  • Delete → Should the discount no longer be needed, it can be deleted using this action.

    Please note, deleting a draft cannot be undone.



Reviewing a Discount After it Has Been Applied

This section assumes you already reviewed the information about the Main Mass Discounts List written above.

Beginning the process of applying a discount is only one piece of the feature, as gaiia also offers a number of different tools to easily review and track how things went. This section will provide an overview of understanding what happened to your discount once the process has been started or completed.


The Discount Applied Tab

This tab will display all discounts successfully applied to accounts. It is intended to provide a view very similar to the Transactions area of individual accounts. From this view, you can quickly understand each discount that was applied, along specific details about it.



The Errors Tab

This tab will only appear when there were errors in attempting to apply the discount to one or more accounts. It should be a rare occurrence, but the id and error that occurred will be outlined below for easy analysis and remediation.


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