Q1 2024 - Product Update

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Nicolas Audet
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Disclaimer: features talked in the update may not be available on all instances of gaiia and are only there as references.


Bulk Actions | Mass Communication 📧

gaiia is excited to unveil "Mass Communication," a transformative feature designed to empower ISPs with the ability to send targeted, bulk communications to specific customer cohorts. This feature enables ISPs to craft and dispatch relevant messages based on customized criteria, such as service area, network provider, or customer segment, directly through the Admin panel.

By utilizing a straightforward two-step process to define the recipient list and select an appropriate communication template, ISPs can efficiently manage and execute large-scale communications for service updates, outage notifications, and more, ensuring that essential information is communicated effectively and promptly to those impacted.


New Provisioning Integration | Calix

gaiia is proud to introduce its integration with Calix SMX and Support Cloud via REST APIs, designed to significantly streamline and enhance the operational capabilities of ISPs utilizing Calix systems. This integration enables ISPs to manage critical customer account workflows with one click directly within gaiia, including:

  • Service Activation
  • Plan Modification
  • Cancellation
  • Suspension
  • Reactivation

By automating these Calix workflows, ISPs can implement more efficient and error-free internal processes, reducing the manual network management tasks required by their customer support teams.


Ticketing | Quick Reply 📜

With Quick Reply, ISPs can select from a list of pre-defined, customizable templates, from within each ticket, allowing for prompt responses to common customer queries. These templates are designed to include dynamic fields that automatically pull relevant information from within gaiia, such as customer names, service details, and account numbers, reducing the need for manual data entry and editing.

Quick Reply not only accelerates your response time but also enhances the accuracy and personalization of communications with your customers.


Workforce | Technician Scheduling at Checkout 🗓️

This innovative addition to our white-labeled checkout process offers ISPs the unique ability to integrate their workforce module directly into the customer's service sign-up journey. Now, as customers choose their desired services, they can also select from available time slots for their installation, ensuring a fast an frictionless onboarding experience.

Upon customers completing the checkout, work orders will be entered as tickets in the gaiia platform. This allows schedulers or dispatchers to assign technicians to each job, providing ISPs with both efficiency in operations and flexibility in managing their workforce.

This new feature streamlines the scheduling process, reduces manual intervention, and significantly enhances customer satisfaction by making service installation swift and hassle-free.


New Integration | Raemis

Developed in collaboration with our new customer, Swag Fiber, our integration with Ramies is now live! Through gaiia, ISPs can now harness the power of Raemis for comprehensive customer account management with enhanced workflows, all accessible with a simple click in gaiia. Similar to the Calix Integration, our default Raemis workflows include: Service Activation, Plan Modification, Cancellation, Suspension, and Reactivation.

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