Memo - Updated "Status" Format in Accounts Exports - April 25, 2024

Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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To strengthen the groundwork for upcoming enhancements at gaiia, we are implementing a uniform change in the display format of account statuses within the CSV generated by the Accounts exports feature: Henceforth, all statuses will be displayed with only the first letter capitalized.

Although this modification is minor, it may affect any automated processes you currently have in place. This note will offer guidance on what to expect from the change.


What Feature is Impacted

The only feature impacted by this change is the Accounts exports, which output a CSV of the accounts list. Users with the right permission can use this feature by clicking the Export button located in the Accounts tab.



What Changes

As noted, we are updating the format of status names in the Accounts exports output, shifting from an all-capitalized style to capitalizing only the first letter.

Current format New format


Potential Areas Impacted

Data Integration

If your systems or processes rely on formatted data from gaiia exports, please verify that this change will integrate smoothly.


Reporting and Analytics

Adjustments may be needed for automated tools and reports that depend on the specific formatting of exported data.


Next Steps

We value your input and are here to assist with a seamless transition.

Please feel free to share any concerns you might have, and let us know if this introduces a breaking change on your side.


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