Memo - New "Coverage Areas" Feature for Work Orders - May 23, 2024

Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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We are excited to introduce a new feature that enhances the Workforce module: the addition of coverage areas, which can be created by accessing the settings page of the Workforce module.

Please note that these coverage areas are not yet linked with those in the Product Catalog, so creating a coverage area in one module will not automatically add it to the other.

This feature is currently hidden behind a feature flag, please contact our customer success agents to activate it.


What Feature is Impacted

This update affects the Workforce module by adding the ability to filter by coverage areas in the work orders list. No existing features are impacted.


What Changes

You can now create coverage areas in the Workforce module using GeoJSON or by drawing them on a map, a new feature not currently available in the product coverage areas.

When creating or editing work orders with locations, these work orders will now be automatically matched with any coverage areas that cover their location. This allows you to filter work orders by coverage area and view only those within a specific area.


Potential Issues with Existing Work Orders

Please note that creating or editing a coverage area will not retroactively include existing work orders in the new coverage area. Therefore, these work orders will not appear when filtering by the new coverage area.

If you want an existing work order to be part of a new coverage area, you can edit the description of the work order, save it, and then re-change it if desired. In fact, any change saved on the work order would trigger it to be included in the coverage area.


Next Steps

We plan to add a feature that will automatically update existing work orders when a coverage area is created or edited, but we do not have an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for this feature.

Additionally, we are working on enabling the assignment of coverage areas to technicians. This will allow you to see only technicians within a specific coverage area when assigning work orders.


We appreciate your feedback and are here to help ensure a smooth transition.


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