Release Notes: June 24th, 2024

Dany Bouchard
Dany Bouchard
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This release note highlights significant improvements including the addition of tickets in the main search, new billing settings, and enhanced user interface features. It also includes bug fixes to optimize system functionality and user experience.

Product Update

User Interface

  • Added Ticket results when using the main Search.

    Search tickets

  • Improved the UI for easier Label removal from an Account.

    Remove labels

  • [Fixed] Searching for a full phone number will now work as intended.
  • [Fixed] Searching for a full name (first name + last name) will now work as intended.
  • [Fixed] Primary contact updates now properly display in the Activity Log.


  • Users can now opt-in for marketing communications during Checkout.
    • By default, users are opted out.
    • [Coming soon] Opted-in email addresses will be exportable from the abandoned orders feature. This will allow you to import consenting emails into your marketing automation tool, send mass emails, and convert leads into customers.

      Signup for marketing communications

  • [Applicable only for hybrid properties] A payment method is no longer required during Checkout if the invoice total is $0. This removes unnecessary friction for new customers.

Client Portal

  • Customers can now create a password in in their Customer Portal after using passwordless login.


  • [Fixed] The Mass Communication feature now displays the correct number of results by excluding accounts with a “null” value in the mobile number field.


  • Added a new Billing Setting that prevents Invoice communication when the subtotal is $0.
    • Labeled "Send communication when invoice starts at $0".
    • By default, this setting is disabled.
    • This setting only affects invoices that start at $0 (including price overrides).
    • This setting affects both recurring and manual invoices.
    • Communication will still be sent if:
      • There were discounts/credits that reduced the total to $0.
      • The account had a previous balance carried forward, even if the current invoice started at $0.
    • This setting affects both email and SMS communication.

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