Release Notes: July 2nd, 2024

Nicolas Audet
Nicolas Audet
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This release note highlights improvements to the new order section.


Coming Soon

Public API  Beta

Our team is excited to announce that our Public API and Webhook support is on the way! We anticipate these features will be available in the coming weeks.

For more details, you can refer to our Public API documentation here: Public API Documentation.

We will continuously add new endpoints to expand the API’s functionality. If there is a specific endpoint you need that is not yet available, please contact us. We will prioritize your request alongside other upcoming features.


Product Update


  • You can now remove Units from Properties.
    • No Account must have been assigned to the unit.
  • You can now edit the unit numbers within a property.



  • Implemented the Orders page, accessible from the main navigation menu.

    Note that the "Orders" permission must be added to be able to see/use this new section.

    • The Abandoned Orders tab contains unfinished orders where the customer left before completing the checkout, allowing you to Export abandoned orders as a .CSV file.


      Note that the abandoned orders displays account information only when the customer opts in for marketing communication during checkout.

  • Preview of the Orders Details window.


  • Preview of the Abandoned Orders Details window.



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