Creating Mass Discounts

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This document will provide the necessary details on how to build and send out a Mass Discount.

As you complete actions when building a mass discount, we automatically save your progress.
In addition, when returning to a draft, we take you back to the step you stopped at.

Guide: Mass Discounts

This article is part of a larger guide about the Mass Discounts feature

  1. Mass Discounts - Overview
  2. Building the CSVs for Mass Discounts
  3. Creating Mass Discounts
  4. Managing Mass Discounts


Step #0: Getting There

Accessing this area requires the Admin > Apply mass discounts permission enabled

  1. Access the Admin menu
  2. Select the Mass actions tab
  3. Click on Apply discounts


Step #1: Giving it a Name

The first step is to name your discount. It is an internal name, and only used within the Mass Discounts area to help distinguish each run as your list grows.

We recommend using a descriptive name, so that other users (or you from the future) can easily identify what each discount was about.


Step #2: Creating the Discounts through the CSV

  1. Follow the instructions in Building the CSVs for Mass Discounts
  2. Back on your Mass Discount draft, click the Upload new file button
  3. Upload the CSV you just created

    When uploading the CSV, pay attention to any errors that may occur. They will be called out above for your review

  4. Once a CSV has been successfully uploaded, the number of accounts on which the discount will be applied is displayed for your reference.

    Please make sure this matches the expected number you built into your CSV.


A couple of other key items to keep in mind

  1. At any point before sending the communication, you can choose to re-upload the CSV using the Upload new file button
  2. The entire CSV must return no error in order to be valid
  3. gaiia does not validate the account status



Step #3: Starting the Discount Process


Once a CSV has been uploaded, it’s time to start applying them.

Click the Apply discount button to get started. You will be prompted again to confirm that you would like to proceed. When you do, you will be returned to the main list to review and track the progress of it.

Now that you are done applying your Mass Discount, you should take a look at Managing Mass Discounts: Reviewing a Discount After it Has Been Applied

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